roofer roofing montreal laval : Inspec-toit is a young dynamic firm founded by Martin Comeau a roofer with more than 15 years of experience in the trade.  All of our employées have been requited among the best roofers.Skilled and meticulous, they all have their competence certificates from Commission de la construction du Québec along with an certification for ventilation delivered by Ventilation Maximum, a renowned north-american fabricator in residential, commercial and industrial ventilation products for over 30 years.  Our employées always make sure the works are done with maximum care to protect your property.  Québec's Régie du bâtiment's advice is to put 4 nails per shingle. Shingle manufacturers advise to put 6 nails per shingle where high winds prevail. We always put 6 nails per shingle anywhere to avoid bad news to you.  Customer satisfaction is our constant worry. Our attention to your needs ensures you'll always get only what you need and nothing else. You'll never pay for an option that is not necessary.  Warranty  All repair work at nine includes a written guarantee of 10 years on materials and labor. This warranty is transferable at any time the next owner. roofer roofing montreal laval. roofer roofing montreal laval.roofer roofing montreal laval. Roof Problems  couvreur toiture inspec-toit probleme1 BARE SPOTS The protective granular surface of shingles wears off as the asphalt, into which the granules are embedded, begins to harden over time. Bare spots are often accompanied by fine fissures on the shingles’ surface and by the accumulation of granules in the gutters.  couvreur toiture inspec-toit probleme2 CURLING The upward curling of shingle tabs makes them highly susceptible to wind and ice damage. This is a problem on older roofs where moisture build-up in the attic affects the underside of the shingle.  couvreur toiture inspec-toit probleme3 BROKEN SHINGLES Damage can be caused by extreme wind conditions and snow removal. Since shingles are supposed to shed water, broken, torn or missing tabs become obvious entry points for water, especially on low slope roofs where run-off is slower and at the peaks of the roof where shingles are the most vulnerable to high winds.  couvreur toiture inspec-toit probleme4 CLAWING This is the curling under of the shingle tab’s bottom edge and is part of the normal aging process of shingles. The bulge created is susceptible to substantial damage by wind action, hail and ice  couvreur toiture inspec-toit probleme5 ONDULATION Buckling is a visible distortion or waviness in the horizontal lines of shingles, and usually runs in a straight line up the roof slope. Shingle tabs become exposed to wind and can be torn off. Very often, the problem is warping in the roof deck caused by poor attic ventilation. The use of thinner-than-recommended plywoods and other non-plywood materials adds to the problem.  couvreur toiture inspec-toit probleme6 SOLINS Many problems occur at the flashings around vents, soil stacks, chimneys and vertical wall joints. Is the flashing cracked? Is the caulking around the flashing  dried out? Are the shingles that lie over the flashing in good shape? Shingle  Inspectoit  is able to offer a complete line of shingles .Your decision will be influenced by many criteria when choose the type of shingle.We chose to work with Building Products of Canada, Building Materials IKO and GAF Materials Corporation, manufacturers of the most reliable and efficient of industrue.  Organic shingles are made on a thick felt of wood and other cellulose fibres. Glass shingles are made on a mat of non-woven glass fibres, which are held together with a water-insoluble binder. Both shingle types contain asphalt and are cover by mineral granules. Organic shingles:  Are softer and easier to work with in cold temperature applications. Contain more asphalt. Absorb roof deck stresses better and are more tear-resistant than glass shingles. Are typically thicker than glass shingles and therefore hide minor imperfections in the roof deck or the old shingle layer  bardeau fibre de verres-01  Glass shingles:  Are more resistant to heat, which may cause blisters to form on softer organic shingles on extremely hot roofs.. Require the installation of an asphalt saturated felt underlayment. Roof assemblies with glass shingles have a higher fire resistance rating than roof assemblies with organic shingles. Are typically thicker than fibreglass shingles and more effectively hide minor imperfections in the roof deck or the old layer of shingles.Manufacturers now increasingly recommend fibreglass shingles to prevent the formation of algae (black spots).  We chose to work with three manufacturers in the industry:  Service Inspectoit offers a wide variety of service and quality products very competitive prices : - Rebuilding roof. - Repairing roof. - Insulation (attic). - Ventilation. - Skylight. - Elastomeric - Adhesive membrane for low slope roof. - Installation of maximum. - Solution for ice problems.  Snow and ice removal from the roof (residential, commercial, industrial)  Identification of problems:  couvreur toiture inspec-toit digue  Roof structures will sometimes fail due to the formation of ice dams. Ice dams are formed by the continuous melting and freezing of snow due to heat escaping from the house or by the backing up of frozen slush from the gutters. The melted water flows under the snow and freezes as it reaches the unheated soffit, thus creating the ice dam. When this occurs, water can be forced under the shingles and into the attic, causing damage to the home’s ceilings, walls, insulation, gutters, eave and roof.roofer roofing montreal laval