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Inspec-toit  is able to offer a complete line of shingles .Your decision will be influenced by many criteria when choose the type of shingle.We chose to work with Building Products of Canada and Building Materials IKO, pills manufacturers of the most reliable and efficient products of the industry.

Organic shingles are made on a thick felt of wood and other cellulose fibres. Glass shingles are made on a mat of non-woven glass fibres, viagra dosage which are held together with a water-insoluble binder. Both shingle types contain asphalt and are cover by mineral granules.

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Organic shingles:

    • Are softer and easier to work with in cold temperature applications.
    • Contain more asphalt.
    • Absorb roof deck stresses better and are more tear-resistant than glass shingles.

They are typically thicker than glass shingles and therefore hide minor imperfections in the roof deck or the old shingle layer.

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Glass shingles:

    • Are more resistant to heat, which may cause blisters to form on softer organic shingles on extremely hot roofs..
    • Require the installation of an asphalt saturated felt underlayment.
    • Roof assemblies with glass shingles have a higher fire resistance rating than roof assemblies with organic shingles.

They are typically thicker than fibreglass shingles and more effectively hide minor imperfections in the roof deck or the old layer of shingles.Manufacturers now increasingly recommend fibreglass shingles to prevent the formation of algae (black spots).

We chose to work with two manufacturers in the industry:

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